The best value insurance tailored for electricians and energy workers

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Brighter Super, the industry super fund for electricians and energy workers, offers award-winning income protection insurance tailored for you. 

If you are a Brighter Super member working in the electrical and energy sector, you will typically receive income protection insurance included as a part of your membership – you do not have to opt in or go through an application process.

Brighter Super’s default income protection insurance covers 80% of salary plus 10% to super, comes with a minimum waiting period of just 14 days, and has a broader definition of ‘salary’. This means that more components of your income, such as overtime and bonuses, are included in calculating your benefit.

Brighter Super tailors cover for those working in the energy and electrical industry and this cover was judged to be Money magazine’s ‘Best-Value Income Protection in Super for Men 2023’ at the "Best of the Best awards".

For more information contact your WA Energy Industry Superannuation Specialist, Steve Scott on 0437 398 432 or, or read more on the Brighter Super website.


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