The Benefits of a Mature-Age Apprenticeship

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As the job landscape continues to evolve, it’s becoming less and less common for people to maintain the same career throughout their adult life. Whether the result of personal circumstance or preference, undergoing at least one career change has become the new normal for many workers. Pursuing a different career trajectory can open the door to new experiences and fresh opportunities, bolstering your resume and allowing you to develop a wider range of skills and knowledge. 
One way to reorientate your career while maintaining a sense of structure and forward momentum is by undertaking a mature-age apprenticeship. These vocational training programs mix technical training, study and paid work experience to equip you with the tools to embark on your new career path, offering job satisfaction and often substantial remuneration.

The Benefits

Changing career direction can often feel exciting and liberating, if not a little nerve-wracking. When it comes to undertaking a mature-age apprenticeship, there are also a number of unique benefits to take into account. 

More Life Experience

Valued for their broader life experience, mature-age apprentices are often perceived as having better-developed social and employment skills than their younger counterparts. These attributes attract prospective employers because they generally mean the apprentice will be easier to train and more receptive to feedback and constructive criticism, while also bringing a wealth of experience along with them 

Recognition of Prior Learning

Experience is a benefit in and of itself, with transferable skills often having applications across career paths. But did you know you can actually get academic recognition and credit for relevant technical skills you’ve already gained? It’s called recognition of prior learning or RPL, and you can submit an application to your learning institution to see if any of your existing skills qualify for recognition. 

No Maximum Age

There’s no maximum age at which you can commence a mature-age apprenticeship, you just need to be of working age and eligible to work in Australia. The only thing to consider is whether or not you feel equipped to undertake physically arduous work. This will not be relevant to all apprenticeships, but there are some trades where it will be an important consideration, and you should undertake some research to make an informed decision.

On-the-Job Experience

Though an apprenticeship may take 3-4 years to complete, you’ll be accruing valuable on-the-job work experience throughout this time, meaning you’ll complete your program with both a qualification and the practical skills to back it up. You can also discuss ways to fast-track your apprenticeship with either your employer or learning institution but bear in mind that this will likely involve more hours per week of study and work. 

Cost Effective

If you’re switching from a full-time job to an apprenticeship, you’ll likely take a bit of a pay cut in the short term. However, the flip side is that throughout your training, you’ll generally be working four days a week and getting paid for your time. Adults tend to earn at least minimum wage, with apprentice electricians being some of the higher-paid apprentices. This amount may rise each year of your course to reflect your growing competency. The end result? A nationally recognised qualification that will propel you towards an enjoyable and well-paying career!

Skills Shortage

There is a nationwide skill shortage as far as trades are concerned, and general and special class electricians are no exception. In fact, they are considered to be in  short supply and facing strong future demand. The scarcity of skilled electricians makes it a perfect time to pivot towards an electrical apprenticeship and pursue a career as an electrician. Are you interested in a mature-age apprenticeship in Perth? The College of Electrical Training caters to all areas of the electrical and telecommunication industry - enrol now!

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