What Can I Do After Finishing My Apprenticeship?

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Finishing your apprenticeship and obtaining your qualification is no small achievement - it takes years of hard work and dedication, and completing it is often accompanied by well-deserved feelings of pride and relief. 
However, once those initial emotions wear off, you may be left feeling uncertain of what to do next! 

This is perfectly understandable - there are so many options and it can often feel quite overwhelming. So, what happens when you finish your apprenticeship? We’ve put together this guide to help you weigh up the options so that you can make the right decision to suit your circumstances. 

There’s no one size fits all approach to starting your career, all you can do is take that first step. 


Apprenticeship Employer 

It’s very common for apprentices to complete their qualification and then go on to work for the same employer. This makes sense because you’ve received training and developed skills alongside the employer for a number of years and know the ins and outs of their operations. If you decide to follow this trajectory, you’ll likely have the opportunity to move up to higher positions within the company as your skills and experience continue to develop and grow.

New Employer 

On the other hand, you may decide to pursue employment elsewhere after obtaining your qualification. Being qualified in your trade and the experience you attained during your apprenticeship will likely make you a strong candidate for entry-level positions in your area of expertise. As such, it’s perfectly reasonable to consider your options and try to find an employment position that really excites and motivates you. For example, there are numerous career directions you can pursue as a qualified electrician. 


Whether it’s at the start of your career or midway through, upskilling is always a good way to boost your resume and broaden your employment opportunities. For example, after undertaking an apprenticeship as an electrician, you may choose to explore post-trade or telecommunication courses
If there’s a specific niche that you’re interested in specialising in, undertaking additional study in that area is a great way to stand out against other applicants who may not have pursued further education after their apprenticeship. You could even choose to undertake a higher-level apprenticeship to get your foot in the door of a more advanced role, and then seek ongoing employment upon completion. 

Study Pathways

It is not uncommon for VET providers to offer education pathways that connect students with university study opportunities. This can be a great way to further upskill, especially if you weren’t able to attend university straight after high school. For example,  CET has an agreement with ECU whereby students can enter ECU’s Bachelor of Technology degree if they complete:

  1. A pre-apprenticeship in the last year of high school
  2. An apprenticeship and get their electrical licence, and 
  3. Post trade training 

Once commenced, the Bachelor of Technology can unlock further opportunities, such as the option to switch to a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical, or even complete a Master of Engineering in Technology. 
Given the demand for trade qualified workers, especially electricians, upskilling in the tertiary direction is another great way to take control of your career and set yourself apart when it comes to applying for that dream job. 

So there you have it, from jumping straight into work to playing the long game and investing in further education, there are so many ways to approach your career journey after completing your apprenticeship.

Are you interested in upskilling as an electrician? Explore post trade opportunities with CET today
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